Saturday, September 22, 2007

African Safari Series - I

Take a look at some of the snaps taken during the Trip .....

The lake side view from the resort

Two bulbuls pecking away into a ripe papaya

Would you believe if I say that this is a descendent of the swan that modelled for Raja Ravi Varma ..for his painting Damayanti

Who said pink is not vibrant?

A view at the bujagali falls, a few miles from the source of river nile

A hadada Ibis

An egret atanding guard to it's chicks

A flower bell?

Oh!! I envy that neck...

A cattle egret (with the orange buff on it's head) and a little egret volunteered to pose for me (Picture taken at Samuka island).

A crying commorant

The furry egret looks graceful ...

A pied kingfisher. It hovers in the air for a few minutes and nose-dives on spottting a fish

Little yellow beauty

more follows .....


Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Wonderful pics. Are you a bird-watcher? Because I've seen you are very precise with the bird species there, and I am honestly surprised. I haden't come across anyone who had recongized the cattle egrets, the pied kingfishers(I couldn;t recognize that bird), with accuracy, What speices is the last one? Wonderful photos!

harimohan said...

excellent photographs ,they speak volumes

nandit said...

You envied the neck on the bird, but let me tell you, it looks good on the bird and would look wierd on you!!:) Mrs Murali