Monday, September 24, 2007

African Safari Series II

Have a look at some snaps taken at masaimara ... the light conditions being not too good, exposure is not proper in most snaps .. some of them are grainy too .... but they have been composed they best way i could ..taking the limitations of the camera and lack of experience of the photographer into consideration .... enjoy them
Pachyderms at play

His Majesty

The black rhino .. did you know that unlike it's white colleague, it never grazes, but goes only for leaves

A Cheetah protecting her sleeping cub
(out of a litter of upto nine/ten cubs only as few as a couple survive ... the rest fall prey to predators )

Giraffe symmetry

This guy believes in naturopathy ... mud bathing is good for the skin

The wild beasts , numbering about a million live in masai mara and serengeti ..... here, the ox peckers on it's back are busy cleaning ....

Ostrich .... world's biggest bird ... one that can't fly

The masai men performing their celebratory dance ...

A tutorial on scavenging?

Zebra's are beautiful and intelligent (faculties that rarely co-exist in humans :)...) , the wild beasts (relative dodos) rely on zebrs to decide the right time to migrate

A solitary lilac

A lioness relishes the prey ...... they are deemed to be better hunters than their male counterparts

The pussy owl ...... they call it

to be continued ....


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nandit said...

Naveen, beautiful snaps. And I also recognize the snap on top- the panoramic one !! Mrs Murali

!! Oxymoron !! said...

You took all these?! Wow! I've always loved Africa and I know that I'll go there. And smart comments to go with the smart photos!

Rajesh said...

Great snaps. It is nice to see these wild animals in such a open space even in the wild.

Mridula said...

Very very beautiful pictures.

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